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The Top 9 Spacetech Accelerators in Europe You Need To Know

Investing in space requires significant resources for any business to open up shop and successfully operate. For these capital-intensive ventures, it’s more complicated for newbies to gain a footing and start realizing profits soon after. Support from investment firms has seen companies that could never have succeeded sprout and flourish. In this article, we are going to explore SpaceTech accelerators in Europe offering fundamental aid to startups in the space industry.

What Do SpaceTech Accelerators Do?

Accelerators are companies that give support to startups but through direct financial injection for a return on investment. The two work interchangeably to ensure that ideas are born into startups that will flourish into profitable businesses.

Top 9 SpaceTech Accelerators in Europe

1. Practica Capital

spacetech accelerator practica capital

Practica Seed Capital and Practica Venture Capital funds form this company based in Lithuania established under the JEREMIE initiative in 2011. The two have a stake of £6 million and £15.7 million each respectively in the firm and it’s administered by the European Investment Fund. The accelerator provides early and later-stage financing to Lithuanian Spacetech SMEs.

The seed fund ranges between £3000 and £2 million, in which 70% financing is from JEREMIE Holding Fund and 30% from the team and other private sector investors. The investment period is between 2 and 5 years. Lithuania based startups with a vision of expanding abroad are preferred for accessing the fund.

In second stage venture capital, it targets financing for growing the companies through equity and quasi-equity for minority and majority stake or quasi-investment.

To be considered for this opportunity, you need to email an application containing your information and business idea. The application is reviewed and if accepted, you will be contacted for a live meeting.

2. Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

spacetech accelerator Starburst Aerospace Accelerator

Starburst aerospace accelerator gives aerospace startups access to seed funding from the top industry angels and venture capital corporations with an orientation for aerospace, defence, and security. They also enable aerospace start-ups to access the largest aerospace group stakeholders, and obtain up to $1million first-time contracts.

Through this accelerator, you will be able to set up your office in the biggest cities around the world and in the best neighborhoods.

The application process is through the F6S platform provided on their website. You will identify the upcoming event nearest to your location and register for it.

3. Eban Space

spacetech accelerator eban space

EBAN introduced EBAN Space accelerator program, based in Brussels, Belgium, to encourage and grow the Ecosystem of Europe for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Investing in Space. The accelerator program has proven to be efficient in providing the platform for early-stage startups to meet with the high-level players of the aerospace industry.

The mission of this accelerator is to pool European national and pan European organizations to create the centre for the continent’s expedition into space. The accelerator also supports the application of technologies that have been developed for space-oriented utilizations and the development and advancement of such technologies for future applications.

EBAN Space hosts several events per year. Registration for various programs can be submitted via their website when programs are open.

4. Wren Capital

spacetech accelerator wren capital

Wren is a London based angel investor company with an eye on engineering, software, and science. Established in 2011, it has invested in 8 startup companies and produced one successful IPO enlisted company.

The investment bracket for this accelerator ranges from £50,000 to £200,000 per funding round.

The application is made by sending your proposal to the email link provided on their website, and successful applicants will be contacted.

5. Coralinn Private Equity

spacetech accelerator Coralinn Private Equity

Coralinn is a Scotland based accelerator and business investment community offering private equity funding to startup companies. The fund was established by leading Scottish entrepreneur Hugh Stewart and other like-minded investors in 2010. Partnering with Clyde Space Limited, it supports startups associated with space technologies.

The accelerator program is open to startup companies from overseas locations such as the UK, with potential for a worldwide market presence. With no specific or rigid investment interest portfolio, they can invest in any industry. Investing from £20,000 to £500,000, they ask for a 5% stake equity of your company with the mindset of a healthy fruitful partnership.

The application is open and made through an online link to their email where you upload your application documents including your proposal. You will be contacted later if you are shortlisted.

6. Metatron

spacetech accelerator metatron

Metatron is an accelerator program based in the Czech Republic that aims to discover passionate founders who operate transformative businesses, and pitching the most impactful ideas, throughout the world for funding and support.

Through fostering honest and open relationships with the founders, they are given access to a wide range of mentors to consult with, and best solution for advancing the businesses are considered. Be it financial support or management skills, the most required demands are met.

The accelerator aims to create futuristic resources companies with the mission of inventing, creating and moving industrial technologies for the space frontier. Partnering with Deep Space Industries, the accelerator has enabled the company to build its first asteroid prospecting mission named Prospector 1.

The application to the program is made through the website.

7. Vitamina K

spacetech accelerator vitamina k

Vitamin K is a Spanish based venture capital fund investing in technology and internet companies at the startup stage. The accelerator also invests in experienced business from the first round, a growing support in the second stage of the two-stage investment program.

The seed capital is around €200,000 and the second stage funding is approximately €400,000 as a follow-up investment for the growing stage of the startup companies. The accelerator provides management needs for the startup companies at all stages.

To be considered for support through this accelerator, you will need to demonstrate traction in your venture. Partners include Kibo Ventures, Faraday Venture Partners, and Accel Partners.

The application is open and made through the website where you can upload your application and company portfolio for a chance of inclusion in the program.

8. SpaceTec Partners

spacetech accelerator spacetec partners

Located in two cities, Munich (headquarters) and Brussels, SpaceTech Partners is a management, strategy, and communications consultancy group providing these services to public institutions in space and space applications domains. SpaceTec Partners support through venture capitalism and provision of business coaching to startups and SMEs in the space industry.

SpaceTec’s areas of activity include the following:

  • Energy
  • Geo-information
  • Mobile & mobility
  • Security & defense
  • Space (earth observation, exploration, navigation, satellite communications, and situational awareness)
  • Transportation & aviation

Partners include ESA (European Space Agency) and International Space University. The application is open and made through the website.

9.  Techstars

spacetech accelerator techstars

These are London based SpaceTech accelerator programs with a technological orientation in the startups that they offer support. Carefully choosing companies to support, they offer an automatic $100,000 start investment fund and lifetime access to Techstars resources.

With a timeline of 3 months, successful applicants get intense coaching from the experienced and hands-on Techstars mentors and a vast network of over 5,000 founders, alumni, and mentors worldwide. You also get 400 perks per week valued at $1million with an office space for three months.

The application is made through the application toolkit on their website. The application period for various Techstars programs for the January to April 2018 session closed on 15th September 2017. The consecutive session is under organization, and the application process will open later.

Summing Up European SpaceTech Accelerators

The SpaceTech accelerators discussed above have proven vital for the startups in the space frontier. Several startups have hugely benefited from various programs and have flourished in the corporate sector. Big enterprises have offered support through finance and direction to young upcoming companies as a form of mentorship, incubation, and acceleration. If you are interested in venturing across the pond, check out our article dedicated to the top 10 SpaceTech accelerators in North America.

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